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Home Selling Tips

Posted by admin on May 28, 2014
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Selling a home requires careful thought, and planning. When planing to sell your home in Southern California, here are 10 important things you should consider:

1. The Market Varies In Different Areas

Depending on your city, town, neighborhood or even the economy in Souther California, the value of your home is always changing. Do not relay solely on one professional for your home’s value. Get opinions from several professionals, and conduct your own research for the value of your home before placing a price on it.

2. Make Sure To Have Your Home Inspected

Getting your home inspected is an important step, and it is essential to having specific repairs made to your home before you sell it. Additionally, having your home inspected in advance gives you time to shop around for the best price to fix the repairs. Generally, buyers will have a home inspection done before closing, without fixing the repairs it could bring the value of your home down significantly.

3. Make Your Home Appealing

Before you put your home on the market in Southern California you should make sure that everything is in good working condition and the appearance of your home looks nice. Some things to consider while improving the appearance of your home are landscaping, paint, and the interior and exterior appearance. A clean home is more marketable.

4. Create a Marketing Plan

Are you planning on selling your home yourself or will you use a real estate agent. By selling your home yourself you will save on the commission the real estate will make. However, selling your home yourself may be a time consuming and difficult task. It could end up taking longer to sell it, than when utilizing a real agent’s services.

5. Find out about Relocation Assistance

If you are moving in order to take on a new position or job, there are often services available to make your transition easier. You can request information from your company or your local human resources department.

6. Picking The Right Agent

Before you pick an agent it is important to look into their activity list. When reviewing you should ask yourself questions like, How many properties has this agent sold? How many people has he represented? You should also considering how long the particular agents properties have been on the market. In addition to these questions, there are many other details you should pay attention to in order to select a good fit for you.

7. Selecting The Price

Be careful not to overprice your home when setting the price. Often times people will overprice their homes in order to have room for negotiation, but still get asking value. This strategy could harm the amount of people who are interested in your home. Pricing requires a strategy, which is dependent on how soon you would like to sell your home, and what you are willing to part with it for. Selecting a price is critical to the amount time it will spend on the market.

8. Insight Into Your Price

Depending on how the economy is doing, and the condition of your home, the prices of houses in the same neighborhood could vary greatly. You may get a lower asking price for your home a year after the neighbor sold theirs for more.

9. Make The Inside of Your Home Presentable

Buyers like to see a clean and orderly home. A mistake most sellers make is to store all of there stuff in the home, while presenting it to potential buys. People do not like to see clutter all over a home they may purchase. Such clutter, and Junk make a home seem old, used and even as a having a smaller appearance inside.

10. Keep Track Of Any Market Changes

You need to keep track of the market, it is unpredictable and things are always changing. You want your houses price to remain in competitive standing, to get the property sold in a timely manner.


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