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How to House Hunt

Posted by admin on May 3, 2017
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Talk to your Realtor about looking for houses, they know the best way to get you going. You should first ask them about financing and know your budget. This one is essential. Take the time to get pre-approved for a mortgage before heading out. It doesn’t help you to see homes you cannot afford. Stick to your budget.
One thing you can control besides your budget is your time, be on time. This almost goes without saying but remember to be respectful of everyone’s time: your Realtor’s, the homeowners, the seller’s agent, as well as your own. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to set up showings and coordinate multiple schedules.

This one may be hard for some of you but, leave the kids at home. When you get close to settling on “the” home, we will absolutely go back for a visit with the kids. However, when you are just starting out and touring homes and neighborhoods for the first time, line up a sitter. Doing so will allow you and your Realtor focus better and cover more ground. If you do have to bring the kids please don’t let them grab items in the home or attempt to play the piano or with toys around the house. Don’t leave them unattended in a room while you check on other areas of the house either, this is a recipe for disaster.

You may see this as common sense, or maybe you’re short on time and need a meal but don’t bring food or drink into a home you’re viewing. Again, it is common sense, but let’s avoid any risk of spilling a latte on the white carpet. You should always treat someone’s home with respect, they do still own it. While opening closets and cabinets to check out the space is generally fine, avoid opening dresser drawers or examining family photos on the walls. Like your mom may have said, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” The sellers may be within earshot and you don’t want to offend them, especially if it’s a house you’re seriously considering. This goes the other way as well. If you love the house, play it cool. You wouldn’t want to tip your hand before the negotiations. Wait until you’re in the car with your Realtor to share your thoughts.

Make sure you take lots of notes. The main reason is so you can debrief with your Realtor and any other decision-makers at the end of the day. Always ask permission, from one of the agents or the homeowner if they are present, if you want to take any photos of the home. Some sellers may not like this at all, but most will be open to it. What better way to remember a home than to have actual photos of it. This is not your home, well yet. Please don’t stretch out on any sofas or beds or test out any recliners in homes you are touring. This should also be an obvious one, but please don’t take anything from the home other than listing materials. You should also avoid using the home’s bathroom unless it’s a true emergency.

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