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Pollution isn’t just Outside

Posted by admin on June 6, 2016
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You have seen them, the air purifiers they sell at department stores. Have you ever priced them? They are expensive and so are the replacement filters. Are they worth it? Therea are a lot of factors when air quality is involved. Pollutants are everywhere. Did you know that the air in homes is up to two or three times more unhygienic than that outside? Without realizing it, you have a number of air pollutants that make the air inside your home unclean, including pets, carpet fibers, tobacco smoke, aerosol products, cleaning products, glues, and so on… The one thing that most heavily upsets the air quality of a home is the presence of mold. There was a big deal for awhile about mold and it even spurred a disclosure to be added to the contracts when buying and selling homes. Mold spores can cause numerous allergies and health issues, and typically pollute the air when parts of your house are damp, ventilation is poor or the HVAC system is not paid attention to.

It can get serious. It can effect your health in major ways. Bad air quality causes recurring issues such as coughing, sneezing, headache, allergies, and sinus congestion. These symptoms would be likely to disappear when away from home. The Link between Heating/Cooling Systems and Air Quality In order to maintain optimum air quality, calling HVAC companies and getting your system checked regularly is good idea. The HVAC system improves ventilation and keeps the air moving, but it’s important to keep the air filters, drain pan and cooling coils clean as well as schedule professional maintenance regularly to avoid the growth of mold. Another thing added to the contracts, even in rentals is having Carbon Monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is seldom considered a possible problem in homes, but if it accumulates, this poisonous gas if can even kill those in the house! It can be a serious problem is you have fuel-burning appliances that do not get proper ventilation. Thus, good ventilation and air cleaners & filters are key to healthy air quality. In California the heat is considered dry but in any case, too much humidity can cause mold, bacteria and corrosion of metals while too little will result in dry, parched skin and irritated eyes, in addition to shrinking and subsequently cracking woodwork. What is required is an ideal percentage of humidity that can be maintained by well-performing HVAC and fresh air systems.

How can we solve these issues? There are a number of ways to ensure good air quality, and of course, cleanliness tops the list. Carpets should be regularly vacuumed to ensure no debris or dust stays which can attract mold easily. Basements, if you have one at home or work, should be treated and regularly dehumidified, and storage items placed in a way that they are not in contact with either the walls or the floor. The attic should be taken care of likewise. It is a good idea to purchase a humidifier or dehumidifier, to make sure your air has the right amount of humidity as per your unique needs. There is also the option of a UV light that can be used to clean the air indoors and keep your HVAC clean. All you have to do is install it on your existing coil, and it will kill all bacteria or mold as well as expel oxidizers into the air. Having clean indoor air is not only important in terms of human health but also plays a role in taking care of the health of the house. A house that has good air quality help all who live there stay healthy.

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