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Those Pesky Pests: How to Avoid Them

Posted by admin on August 29, 2016
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So we will never, and I mean never be able to make any building or home pest free. We can minimize it, but how? I don’t anyone who hasn’t had to deal with ants, flies, lizards, or any sort of pests in or around their homes. I looked up ways to keep your home as free from pests as possible. Summer seems to be the worst time and even though summer is coming to an end, pests are still enjoying the warm temperatures and an infestation could be right around the corner.

The most obvious pests are ants. They are so small and have such large numbers that they can get in to the most secure homes. Ants love leftovers, so store food in airtight containers like Tupperware or jars with rubber seals on the lids. This will keep them from being attracted to your counters. Keep a tight lid on your trash can at all times and move the trash to an outside dumpster as soon as possible. Inspect your home or office for cracks or holes in walls, your foundation, and vents. If you find any, fill or seal them as soon as possible to prevent ants, termites, roaches, and other tiny nuisances. Clean your counter tops, tables, and floors on a regular basis to prevent crumbs or food buildup.

It is nasty, but it is a fact, that they don’t always sneak in through a crack or open window. They come in from the store or warehouse as well. You should always inspect dried food packages for worms, beetles, moths, and other pests before you buy them. Believe it or not, they are easier to spot than you think. We are used to mindlessly grabbing the things we want. I say especially when you shop in bulk, check the boxes with a quick glance-over. You will notice something crawling on your box and they will usually be in a small crevice. Before they come inside, check your pets for fleas. Once fleas are indoors, they can easily spread.

Another big one is overgrown or unmaintained landscaping. Landscaping that comes in contact with your home or office give pests an easier way indoors, so keep your trees and bushes away from the building. Fix any leaking pipes, faucets, appliances, or anything else that offers tunnels into your home. Standing water can attract many different types of pests. If you don’t have screens on your windows or storm doors, install some. You’ll be able to let fresh air in without worrying about pests. Beetles and termites love wood, so eliminate any scrap wood inside or outside your home or office. Especially landscaping that sits against your home like firewood. Resist using wood mulch for your landscaping. Instead, try gravel or rock.

Keep your home as clutter-free as humanly possible. Pests love hiding out in dark areas, so the more clutter you have, the more homes they have to choose from. Use pest control products like zappers, sprays, sticky paper, and more to prevent the problem from getting bigger. Vacuum your home or office frequently to eliminate pests and pest eggs. Use citronella candles when outdoors to prevent mosquitoes. If you have seen that show Hoarders, like I have, you should be scared of too much clutter anyway. The things they find in those homes will astonish you, and not in a good way.

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