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Top 5 Tips To Sell Your House Fast

Posted by admin on September 22, 2017
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View The Top 5 Tips To Sell Your House Fast in a Growing Real Estate Market:

There are many reasons why people want to sell a home.  They are as wide and varied as there are homes for sale in the California real estate market. Need to sell your house fast? Our Experts have done research in the San Bernardino, CA markets, and surrounding cities and devised a list of the “Top 5 Tips To Sell Your House Fast” list.  Although some of the reasons may seem obvious, others aren’t so transparent. Below are the Top 5 Tips to Sell Your House Fast:

Sell Your House Fast Tip #1: Leave The Sentiment Aside

When selling a home begin to think about the memories we shared with family and friends.  We reminisce about family parties, happy times, the birth of our first child, or the death of a loved one. This can sometimes be the downfall of a sale.  A recent example:  ‘Jane Doe’ put her late father’s home on the market since she couldn’t get her home refinanced, due to stricter requirements in today’s market and she wanted to pull money out to do upgrades to her home.  Simple right?  Well, not as simple as one may think.  This was her childhood home where she grew up.  Where her late brother, father, and mother once lived.  We become emotional when selling our home which can be the downfall. Therefore, we recommend separating your emotions from your home when you decide to sell your home.

Sell Your House Fast Tip #2: Trust Your Realtor

When trying to sell her home, “Jane Doe” had many thoughts about how to market, when to market and whom to market to.  Her ideas did not necessarily coincide with the Realtor.  When you hire a professional, you should feel comfortable with them, trust in their professional opinion and try not to get too emotional.  However, as stated above people get emotional about the home that they spent most of their life in.  For this reason, we encourage you to ‘trust your realtor.’  They have a vested interest in getting your house sold.  Review ratings of their performance and ask questions.  A seasoned pro should have answers or find the right answer for you.

Sell Your House Fast Tip #3: Don’t Sell Yourself Short.

In other words, don’t sell your house out of the market.  Since we are in a rising market, you can be optimistic that you will get top dollar for your home. However, be careful not to pressure your realtor to over-inflate the selling price of your home.  It is natural to think your house may be the most valuable on the block.  However, sometimes sellers impose a higher perceived value upon the price of the house.

Your realtor knows the local market and understands the actual value of certain amenities.  Sometimes buyers overvalue their homes, thinking there is some ‘Magical Buyer’ out there that see their beautiful house and place the same sentimental value on things.  Unfortunately, this ‘pie-in-the-sky,’ overpriced home that, even if sold, needs to meet the Appraisal.  If the Appraised value of the home comes in $15,000 under the sales price, that may be a deal breaker.  As a result, the buyer will have lost valuable time and lost opportunities to buy another home or pay off that big debt.

In addition to having too high of expectations on the sales price of their home, sellers may be reluctant to agree to lower it, because a friend told them or a neighbor told them they should sell it higher than what is reasonable on the market.

Ultimately, the value a seller places on their home may not coincide with a potential ‘buyer or investor’ or comparable homes (comps) that have sold in recent months.  Banks will not lend on perceived values, rather than comps in the area that recently sold.  So, be careful with the Realtor that is so eager and willing to sell your home at any price significantly higher than comps in the area.  They know that ultimately the Appraised value is what the banks is willing to loan on. You may get estimated home values on our Sell Your Homepage by entering an address in our Instant Home Estimator.

Sell Your House Fast Tip #4: Have a “Networking” Garage  Sale

Clutter is the mother of all downfalls in the sale of a home.  When it comes to ‘clutter’ or worse yet, ‘other people’s clutter’ buyers get uneasy in someone else’s clutter-full house and want to get out fast! Do not store boxes in the hallways, bedrooms or family room.  Keep clutter off the floors, bookshelves and window ceils.  Keep it out of sight.

Garage sales help you sell off that old sofa or coffee table that looks like it has been through WWII.  It is also a way to get ‘the word out’ to neighbors that you are going to sell your house. Word of mouth is a great way to let people know a home is on the market.  We want to create some local buzz int he area, and this is a great start!

Let your “Networking” garage sale be a first step in selling your house fast.  Store large items, like old sofas, coffee tables, and large old gothic TV stands out of sight.  The garage is a good place to store these items out of sight.

Sell Your House Fast Tip #5: Be On Call!

Being on call means being available when a buyer’s realtor wants to bring in buyers on a Saturday or Sunday.  Be prepared to put effort, if you want your home to sell fast.  A lockbox is a great way to open your home if you are not home.  Limit ‘appointments,’ so that you don’t have missed opportunities. If you require appoints rather than a lockbox, then understand that some Realtors may pass up your home to show to their list of clients if it is not convenient for them and their clients or if you are not available often enough.  You should try your best to open your schedule and not schedule vacations or extended time away from home, especially if you require appointments.

When discussing ‘Being On Call’, we also are referring to your home.  Your home should be clean and clutter free anytime your house is shown. Wake early to keep your home tidy and clean.

If you follow these Top 5 Tips To Sell Your House Fast in a Growing Real Estate Market, we hope it will make your home sale a bit less stressful.  Contact Us Today to get started!



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