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Household Hacks

Posted by admin on April 11, 2017
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There are common issues we all face every day at home. Certain things need to be done a lot around the house. Taking out the trash, hammering nails, fixing small items, etc… There are a lot of things we need to do to keep our house functional and safe. I like hacks, hacks are simple ways of doing common things that we don’t normally think about. They are easy solutions to common issues that we thought we had to just live with. I tried some on my own just to see if it would make life easier. Real estate is all around us and these can help anyone who does projects around the house, or chores.

Taking out the trash with less hassle. One way garbage removal sucks (aside from the fact that it’s garbage) is literal: that suction effect when you try to pull the bag out of the bin. It doesn’t want to come out! The result can be a truly nasty mess. But here’s an easy fix: pop a few holes in the bottom of your bin to nullify this vacuum and make trash removal a easier. Most of the info I have seen, people use a drill. That makes less of a mess and drills are designed to make holes (duh). I tried this and it worked really well. It works well for taking the bag out as well as putting a new bag in. The air that is there now has somewhere to go. It isn’t a super fast push, but it does do the trick.

Painting without turning the can into a mess, can be a challenge. Ever notice how, when you wipe the extra paint off your brush on the rim of the can, it turns the can into a drippy mess that makes the lid stick? No more with a quick fix, simply string a rubber band around the can and wipe the brush on that instead. I tried this and just make sure not to put tension on the rubber band. It will splatter paint. It isn’t hard to pull off, especially after you give it a go a few times. Easy fix that worked well for me after practicing a few times.

We do use our drills a lot now, but some projects just require a hammer and nail. To hammer a nail without injuring your delicate thumbs, use a comb to hold the nail in place. This one worked well for me, but I don’t know how well it will work if you have to hammer a ton of nails. Plastic combs bend a little more every time and don’t ever go back to normal. So this one worked for me, but it will not work on big projects where a lot of hammering is needed.

There are a lot of little spaces that need dusting. Computer keyboards and electronics can be tricky to clean. Our laptops and other electronic equipment contain nooks and crannies that are impossible to reach with standard attachments. What will come to the rescue? Your vacuum cleaner, yes. The normal attachments, no. Just attach the nozzle of a squeeze bottle to the wand attachment to suction out the dust in those narrow crevices. That one worked like a charm on the laptop, printer, screen, and the desktop. Problem solved.

I suggest you look up life hacks. There are way more than the ones I mentioned here. Hopefully this helps save a thumb or huge mess from spilled garbage. All I can do is suggest ways to help, it is up to you to actually try it. If this blog is popular, I’ll do a follow-up in month or so and add more of the life hacks that I find and try our for the sake of keeping us all sane.

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